Fee Structure


Guardian Angels Membership costs just £10 a month. This is a small price to pay to ensure that your children are in experienced and capable hands whenever the need arises.

Our fees are as follows:

£10 per hour for daytime childcare

£9 per hour for evening babysitting (after 6.30pm)

Special dates such as Bank Holidays, Easter, Christmas and New Year have special rates . . . (Usual hourly rate x 1.5)

For 2 or more daytime bookings in a week, the Agency fee is 20% of the Babysitter's salary.

We ask you to pay your Childcarer directly with cash, cheque or an online bank transfer. There is a minimum booking time of 3 hours. We have this minimum to ensure that the booking is worthwhile taking into consideration the Babysitter’s time and travel costs.

If a booking ends after midnight, we kindly ask you to make a 50% contribution to the Babysitter’s taxi fare home and if you arrive home after 2am, we would ask you to cover the entire fare.

There is an admin fee of £5 for each booking. Both this and your membership fees are charged to your debit/credit card. Booking fees are charged once the booking has taken place.

Nanny Service

The fees for a Nanny vary and are negotiable between Parents and Nannies:

These are our guidlines:

Temporary Nanny : Live in fee is from £400 per week*
Live out fee from £12 per hour

Permanent Nanny : Live in fee from £350 per week*
Live out fee from £10 per hour

Holiday Nanny fee is from £400 per week.
24 Hour Nanny fee is £150.

*The figures given above are net. We provide advice and support with all aspects of Nanny tax.

For temporary ( 2 or more days in a week) and holiday bookings, Guardian Angels fee is 20% of the Nanny’s total salary. If you book a Nanny overnight our fee is £20.

For permanent Nanny positions, Guardian Angels fee is 5 weeks of the Nanny’s net salary. You only pay this industry standard fee if you decide to hire one of our Nannies.

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