Fee Structure


Guardian Angels Membership costs just £10 a month. This is a small price to pay to ensure that your children are in experienced and capable hands whenever the need arises.

Our fees are as follows:

£10 per hour for daytime childcare

£9 per hour for evening babysitting (after 6.30pm)

Special dates such as Bank Holidays, Easter, Christmas and New Year have special rates . . . (Usual hourly rate x 1.5)

For 2 or more daytime bookings in a week, the Agency fee is 20% of the Babysitter's salary.

We ask you to pay your Childcarer directly with cash, cheque or an online bank transfer. There is a minimum booking time of 3 hours. We have this minimum to ensure that the booking is worthwhile taking into consideration the Babysitter’s time and travel costs.

If a booking ends after midnight, we kindly ask you to make a 50% contribution to the Babysitter’s taxi fare home and if you arrive home after 2am, we would ask you to cover the entire fare.

There is an admin fee of £5 for each booking. Both this and your membership fees are charged to your debit/credit card. Booking fees are charged once the booking has taken place.

Nanny Service

The fees for a Nanny vary and are negotiable between Parents and Nannies:

These are our guidlines:

Temporary Nanny : Live in fee is from £400 per week*
Live out fee from £12 per hour

Permanent Nanny : Live in fee from £350 per week*
Live out fee from £10 per hour

Holiday Nanny fee is from £400 per week.
24 Hour Nanny fee is £150.

*The figures given above are net. We provide advice and support with all aspects of Nanny tax.

For temporary ( 2 or more days in a week) and holiday bookings, Guardian Angels fee is 20% of the Nanny’s total salary. If you book a Nanny overnight our fee is £20.

For permanent Nanny positions, Guardian Angels fee is 5 weeks of the Nanny’s net salary. You only pay this industry standard fee if you decide to hire one of our Nannies.

We work closely with Nannytax who are the UK’s leading payroll provider for Nanny employers. From payroll and HR support to pension and insurances services, Nannytax offers a complete Nanny employment service for you and your family. All employment responsibilities are covered aswell as the PAYE hassle from employing a Nanny.

Nannytax - Nanny Tax & Payroll Services for UK Employers
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