Creating Magical Childhood Memories

Special childhood memories are the first foundations for our moments of joy in adulthood. We learn how to take delight in the things around us, and how sharing these moments builds loving, happy relationships. The enchantment of make-believe and magic is what being little is all about, and we as parents and carers have the wonderful responsibility of sprinkling that magic for them!

What do you think of when you look back on the happy memories of your childhood? Is there a brilliant day out you can remember, or perhaps playing games and having fun with those dearest to you; or maybe it’s the time you spent with a beloved pet?

I look back on my own daughter’s childhood – she’s a grown up, married woman now – and I think with such joy of those times that we watched her little face light up with excitement. The Christmas mornings that she came down to find the mince pie and drink for Santa all gone…the anticipation of putting her first baby tooth under her pillow at night, for the Tooth Fairy to collect…and it was so much fun to join her in that magical world.

And then there are the precious memories that you can create by giving them a gifts they’ve been longing for. At age 11, my daughter had been pestering us for some time to get her a guinea pig. I didn’t really want one, but knowing how she’d fallen in love with the little creatures, we decided to get her one – and she adored him. Rolo the guinea pig was so named because of his beautiful dark brown and golden fur! She was so happy and excited to have him, it made all of the cleaning out that was to come well worth it. Rolo was soon joined by a female guinea pig, whom we named Tammy, and they had a beautiful family together. Unfortunately, as the teenage years kicked in, our daughter’s interest in Rolo and family waned, and we found loving, adopted homes for all of them - but none of us will ever forget how happy he made her in those early days.

Some of the best memories are free, though – and often, it’s the people involved, and not the events, that children remember most vividly. This is so true at Christmas – how many of us can remember more than two or three of the gifts we got as children, but can clearly picture who was around the tree every year? This year just gone, I read that a teacher asked the children in a class what they did at Christmas. They told story after story about how happy they’d been when their parents and grandparents played games with them, or read to them, or took them out on walks – and hardly any of them talked about the presents they’d received.

This magic is the bit that stays with us all into adulthood, and it’s so important to create these memories for our children to cherish. It’s so important that the people who care for our children when we’re not there – our Guardian Angels! – value the magic of childhood too: whether it’s creating those make-believe worlds, sprinkling a little fairy dust into the mundane and ordinary, or simply understanding how wonderful the world looks through the eyes of a child. Our Guardian Angels carers have the magic of childhood at the heart of everything they do, because it’s such a precious gift to carry into adulthood.

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