Solving Childcare Needs Over Christmas

Over Christmas everyone's routine changes as we accommodate additional social engagements and seasonal commitments into our usual schedule. Expectedly, our household staff also request to take some of their annual leave to spend quality time with their own family over Christmas and into the New Year.

Where this concerns the nanny, ensuring you have adequate childcare in place ahead of their absence allows you to fulfil all those seasonal responsibilities free from stress.

Christmas is a time when we enjoy spoiling the precious little ones but in the run-up to the big day, parents often need time away from their children to fulfil special seasonal tasks. Covering the gap in childcare becomes even more essential than normal, so with the nanny away over yuletide, follow our guide to temporary alternative arrangements.


Planning ahead will save unnecessary stress later on in the year. Discussing your nanny's holiday plans months in advance of December leaves plenty of time to make suitable arrangements whilst they're away. Nurseries and other childcare facilities can operate varied opening times over the festive season so if your child does usually attend, check how this is likely to be affected over Christmas and gauge how far this can cover your needs.

Christmas Duties

A number of special Christmas tasks may require some secretive behaviour on the part of parents. Whether you're lending a hand to Santa Claus and fitting in some shopping, wrapping presents or planning a seasonal surprise, it may be easier to complete these duties alone whilst your children are cared for. Depending on the scope of your festive to-do list, it may be convenient to take advantage of 'after school clubs' or a helpful relative, but if you need to organise a reliable option with flexibility, a temporary nanny may well be the answer.

Social Commitments

From seasonal dinners to the work party, December is likely to be full of Christmas gatherings that require your attendance. With late nights an expected part of the run up to and during this time, an obvious solution would be to engage the services of, again, a temporary nanny.

The Christmas calendar might also find you commit to travelling to visit family and friends or to enjoy a much-needed break. Domestic staff are well versed in catering to families on holiday and are generally accommodating of the need to do this in their line of work. If you're taking a trip to take in some winter sun, have a ski chalet in the Alps booked or simply need to visit family elsewhere in the country, a nanny willing to travel with you is a must.

Temporary Fix

It's worth noting that Christmas and New Year are particularly busy times for domestic staff and booking this help well in advance is wise. Fortunately, your needs can be met through a nanny agency and they often have temporary household employees on the books to cover expected demand over the festive period.

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